LEAD Designer, Artist

Buddytale is exploration of our attachments to virtual pets, our responsibilities as their caretakers, and the way digital mortality effects the value we place on our relationships to computational entities. It is a series of vignettes, little snapshots into the relationship between an owner and their pet, from the day they meet until they must say goodbye. 

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everybody's Sad


everybody's sad is an amusing VR experience about self care and the perils of being a people pleaser. Players interact with a variety of sad objects and explore the difference between toxic and healthy relationships.

Website: everybodyssad.com

Available now on Steam!

Featured in:

IndieCade's Gaming Everywhere Exhibition, 2018
Intel's University Games Showcase, 2019
Polygon.com Article

everybodys sad.png

Lootbox Simulator


Lootbox Simulator is a satirical game based on the game industry's questionable use of loot boxes. Players collect lootboxes through watching ads, taking surveys, playing mini games, and unlocking achievements. 

Website: clickbait-studios.com
Available now on Steam!

Airline Assault: Turbulence


A satirical game based on airline headlines from 2017.

Built in Phaser (Javascript)

Playable in browser on its itch.io page!


It Gets Easier

Designer, Artist

A letter to my younger self.

Playable in browser on its itch.io page!