everybody's Sad


everybody's sad is an amusing VR experience about self care and the perils of being a people pleaser. Players interact with a variety of sad objects and explore the difference between toxic and healthy relationships.

Website: everybodyssad.com

Available now on Steam!

Featured in:

IndieCade's Gaming Everywhere Exhibition, 2018
Intel's University Games Showcase, 2019
Polygon.com Article

Lootbox Simulator


Lootbox Simulator is a satirical game based on the game industry's questionable use of loot boxes. Players collect lootboxes through watching ads, taking surveys, playing mini games, and unlocking achievements. 

Website: clickbait-studios.com
Available now on Steam!

Airline Assault: Turbulence


A satirical game based on airline headlines from 2017.

Built in Phaser (Javascript)

Playable in browser on its itch.io page!

It Gets Easier

Designer, Artist

A letter to my younger self.

Playable in browser on its itch.io page!

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